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It all began on a July Sunday afternoon, in a kitchen in our university halls. Being passionate foodies and half-decent cooks, we used to spend a lot of our weekends cooking group meals with a bunch of friends. It was then that we decided to start our own street food concept, but it remained only an idea for a long time.


On a mid-February Friday afternoon in 2020, we made a trip to Solihull and soon found ourselves in a conversation with the management of the newest food court in town. We discussed a few of our ideas and were surprised to hear “Can you’ll start on Wednesday?”; and our answer was YES!!...but how will we do it?


Saturday and Sunday were spent in the kitchen developing our menu. We made a shopping list and packed our bags on Monday. We started driving to Solihull on Tuesday morning, purchased everything from wok pans to ingredients from warehouses on the way and were already setting up by the evening. All the dedication paid off and we started trading on the Wednesday afternoon!


 The Adventure 

The Adventure
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